Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#McCann :Alleged Ricardo Paiva Posting January 11th 2012


Dear friends

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year 2012!

In recent years I have noticed that blogs, forums and the social networking sites of facebook and twitter have been THE most powerful tool in order to discuss the case and a most useful arena for the sharing of opinions.

Unlike a book for instance there can be no censorship or proofreading compromising ones freedom of speech allowing everyone to democratically give their opinions in a free and an open manner.

I am all for this and welcome it wholeheartedly.

For obvious reasons I am unable to contribute to your discussions due to professional secrecy laws since I am very much still involved in the case.

I am however able to read your pages and follow many of them with great interest.

Whilst I am an advocate of freedom of speech I have noticed over the past few days the fiercest fighting against those whose views are not shared by you.

Personal attacks are in no way going to dignify the cause in any way at all like the personal and professional attack on Justine Spencer which do not lend dignity to the cause whatsoever.

I would urge you all please to avoid any such future attacks.

This is not a witch hunt afterall and the use of personal data and photographs esp of women (one of whom was not even involved in the case) is abusive after all.

That said I thank you for all your positive support and look forward to seeing you soon in the Court of Lisbon on the 9th and 10th February.

My very best wishes to you all.